Tax & Accounting

Accounting & Management Services

We offer our clients a suite of accounting and management services to support the financial performance, growth and sustainability of their businesses.

Armada offers a comprehensive suite of professional and expert accounting services for all types of businesses and spanning across various industries. Whatever type of accounting service you require, you can be sure that Armada is ready to provide personalised service tailored to your specific requirements and challenges.

Armada can help you:

Designing appropriate business structure (start-ups and restructures)
Evaluating the impact of business strategies on cashflow, profitability and security
Providing business valuations
Preparing exit, transition and succession plans
Offering expert advice on buying and selling businesses
Negotiating contracts
Preparing grants and business incentives reviews
Managing budget and cashflow and preparing profit projections
Assisting with capital and finance applications
Providing advisory and support services for initial public offering (IPO)