Virtual CFO Services and Better Business


Is your business short on cash?

Are you confident that your reports are up-to-date and correct?

Do you have a long term business strategy?


Armada Accountants and Advisors’ Virtual CFO Services and Better Business Program aim to help business owners in Perth and Western Australia increase the value of their business and maximise their profits.

If you feel your business needs significant improvements in your cash flow, business value and overall systems and processes, then you would benefit from engaging Armada’s Better Business Program including Virtual CFO Services.

Often, many small businesses can’t afford a full time CFO. Our CFO Experts work as strategic member of your team, allowing you to access their knowledge, skills and experience when you need it.


What is a Virtual CFO?

A CFO provides businesses with specialised financial management advice and support to build your business. A Virtual CFO will be an essential tool in helping to proactively grow your business through strategic planning and financial reporting.

A Virtual CFO also acts as a business advisor and plays an active role in identifying risks, reaching goals, improving cash flows, reducing stress and provides you with peace of mind.


How does our Better Business Program work with Virtual CFO Services?

The Better Business Program is a unique advisory service that is suited to all businesses. The program will significantly de-risk your business and help you plan ahead. By being understanding your risks, you will be able to run a better business with a long term success.

Our Better Business Program offers support in the critical financial elements of running a successful business including growing sales, managing key operating costs and improving profit and cash flow.


Responsibilities Include…

Better Business Program Virtual CFO
Completing a Business Risk Survey. Accurate Financial Reporting.
Analysing and benchmarking your key business risk and value drivers. Annual Budgeting and Forecasting.
Preparing a SWOT analysis for your business. Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Successfully implementing and documenting key improvement strategies for your business. Regular meetings.
Providing tailored support for the ongoing implementation of your goals and objectives. Access to our team of additional specialists.

As the responsibilities of a Virtual CFO align with the strategies within the Better Business Program, we recommend adding a Virtual CFO to your business.


For further information about our Virtual CFO Services or our Better Business Program, fill out your details in the form below and one of our experts will be in touch soon.

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