Armada Property Services

Our diverse team of professionals have experience in various industries with an in depth knowledge of medical, childcare, commercial, retail and industrial. In the last 10 years we have been able to offer superior returns for our investors.

How do we work? 

We identify potential sites and perform a detailed feasibility study. If certain parameters are met, we refine the feasibility to develop a comprehensive schedule of tenants based on the recommended usages and up to date market information. This will form the basis for a projected cash flow, profit, and loss forecast.

We then make a formal offer on the site to secure it under contract. If accepted we commence the due diligence process. We then prelease the property and engage in negotiation with prospective tenants and/or buyers in order to pre lease/ pre sell the finished product.

We then agree the terms of building construction under a fixed fee contract to further derisk the project.

An information memorandum is prepared and issued to investors to raise capital for the project.

Throughout the development of the project we manage the satisfactory completion of the building and monitor the commencement of leases to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

We monitor the commencement of leases to bring the construction phase to completion. Once construction phase is completed we assess the market sentiment of the day and formulate the sales and marketing strategy or make a decision to convert the property to investment phase.

For more information regarding the steps involved in our developments or for information on our current, completed or upcoming developments.

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