Property Development & Syndicates

Our Property Services division provides project management services to a range of property development opportunities.

We identify potential sites and perform a back of the envelope feasibility study. If certain parameters are met, we refine the feasibility to develop a comprehensive schedule of tenants based on the recommended usages and up to date market information. This forms the basis for projected cash flows and profit & loss forecasts.

If the detailed feasibility achieves certain parameters, an offer is made on the site to secure it under contract which, if accepted, precedes a due diligence period. This included achieving approvals from council, pre-selling/leasing as much of the proposed building as possible, agreeing the terms of a fixed price construction contract and reducing the risk of the project as much as possible.

Once the due diligence has completed satisfactorily, we issue an expression of interest to sophisticated investors and raise capital for the project. We oversee negotiations pertaining to construction funding with the Lender, purchasing the land and commencing construction.

We then project manage the satisfactory completion of the building and monitor the commencement of leases, ensuring all tenant’s requirements achieve a satisfactory outcome. We monitor the sales contracts to settlement, repay bank debts and investor capital and deliver the profits to investors.

Armada Property Services are committed to obtaining outstanding returns for our investors and facilitating the development of a high class amenities in each respective locality.

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